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Mount Inerie and Wawomuda Lake in Ngada Flores

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Photo by : dailytravel

Mount Inerie with its beautiful, harmonic pyramid shape, is an eye-catching peak in the Florenese ‘mountain skyline’. With an altitude of 224 meter above sea level, Inerie is also one of the highest volcanoes in Flores.

If you would like to climb to the top, you do well to start your trip at night or in the very early morning. You will be rewarded with a magical moment when the sun slowly rises up behind the hills. From the top of Mount Inerie, you have a stunning view that sometimes even goes as far as Sumba Island in the south.

Starting from an altitude of about 900 meters, the hike will take you about 1½ hours. If you wish to enrich your Inerie explorations with some cultural experiences, nearby traditional villages such as Gurusina or Bena offer you opportunities to experience the fascinating Ngada culture.

Mount Inerie has not shown any significant activity for centuries. However, in the year 2000, due to small eruptions, a red-colored lake emerged out of the mountain’s crater named Wawomudha.

This spectacular natural phenomenon is located a 1½ hour hike from Ngoranale Village. From Bajawa to Ngoranale, it takes about 15–20 minutes (8–10 km) by motorbike or car.  

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